About us

LIFE & BRAND Portfolio is a collection of feel good experiences encompassing casual dining brands and local craft products – rooted in their distinctive design, location and architecture, from your trusted ‘locale’, or your ‘home away from home’ to sophisticated dining and hospitality experiences.

We are passionate about the pursuit of creating, crafting and delivering authentic experiences, using talented teams, who have a genuine concern for provenance, while being constantly motivated by exploration for innovation and new tastes. All our experiences, brands and products have a creative, bold identity and an unequivocal sense of place, from your local burger joint, to small plate delectables, to classy harbourside seafood brasseries, and deliver a consistent, authentic experience with care and pride.

Life & Brand Portfolio, headquartered in the Western Cape, is a vertically integrated casual dining group. We are passionate about crafting and delivering authentic food and beverage experiences, using sustainable ingredients which have genuine concern for provenance, and are constantly motivated by Life & Brand’s three foundational pillars: