Tiger’s Milk is a step further than a brand – it’s a lifestyle.

It’s about badass food and an unmistakeable vibe for an unedited crowd. We took retro, grunge and thrift and injected it with some nostalgia by lining the walls with pictures of Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Allie – a tribute to the original rebels that still rev our hearts to the red line. We strive to serve the best burgers and beers in South Africa, and that ain’t gonna’ change anytime soon.

Tiger’s Milk

Requirements and info:

Capital required:
R7.2 – R10.4 million

○ Achievable return: 18% – 25%
○ Initial franchise fee: R400k
○ Approximate set-up costs: R16,000/sqm
○ Royalty Fee: 6% (of gross sales)
○ Marketing Fee: 2% (of gross sales)
○ Estimated Turnover: R1.5m – R2.5m

*excl. initial franchise fee, opening stock and working capital