Old Town, the very word, evokes a sense of history and a portal back to a time when life itself was defined by a seemingly more romantic set of values.

Romantic values based on a simpler, slower and better quality of life. At Old Town these values, as old fashion as they may be, still stand. It’s about slowing things down, celebrating ethics, preserving standards and rediscovering quality.

Old Town Italy

Requirements and info:

Capital required:
R3.4 – R8.5 million

○ Achievable return: 15% – 20%
○ Initial franchise fee: R400k
○ Approximate set-up costs: R17,000/sqm
○ Royalty Fee: 6% (of gross sales)
○ Marketing Fee: 2% (of gross sales)
○ Estimated Turnover: R800k – R1.6m