The first Tiger’s Milk store opened its doors in December 2014 to the Muizenberg community. We took a neglected site in the famous Muizie’s Surfers Corner, added some beer, benzine and burgers, threw in a match, lit the flame and our fire’s been burning ever since.

You as a restaurateur with experience in the food & beverage industry have the incredible opportunity to bring this prestigious brand to life in your neighbourhood.


Various Available Franchise Locations

Capital Required from Franchisee: R6-8 MILLION



Achievable return on investment


Initial franchise fee (Excl. Vat)

R15 000/m2

Approx franchise cost


Management Fee


Marketing fee
(% of turnover)

R1,5 – R2,5m

Estimated Turnover

*Applicants must have restaurant experience & financial support


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